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Hello Everybody! I am back with another project for my Visual Design class and for the past two weeks we have been working with Photoshop. I was excited to use this Adobe program because I thought it would be the one I was best at. However there is much more to this program than I was expecting and it has had quite the learning curve. The assignment was to design an ad for a boring piece of household or office product. I was assigned a trashcan!


Facebook Ad


Unaltered Ad

Overall Design

When I was assigned a trash can I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to go with the ad. I started by listing off a bunch of things and brainstorming different ideas on what would be good for selling a trash can. I wanted this to be geared towards families and realized that some houses get really messy and I wanted to aim the ad towards it being strong enough to overcome the biggest messes. From that I got the idea that a garbage can having muscles would be a clever way to show how strong the garbage can was. I blended the two images together and then used one of the Photoshop tools to make the muscles blend into the trashcan so it looked like the garbage can itself had the muscles.

Images Used



In conclusion I just wanted to say that this was a great program to use. I really enjoyed the overall aspect of what this project involved because it allowed me to become even more familiar with the different programs that Adobe contains. I feel like I have a much better understanding, not only of Photoshop but of the entire Adobe program in general.

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