The Most Rewarding Job

“The home … is the workshop where human characters are built and the manner in which they are formed depends upon the relationship existing between parents and the children. The home cannot be what it should be unless these relationships are of the proper character. Whether they are so or not depends, it is true, upon both parents and children, but much more upon parents. They must do their best.”

– Joseph Fielding Smith

“Fathers and mothers, your foremost responsibility is your family. By working together you can have the kind of home the Lord expects you to have. By showing love and consideration for one another and for your children, you can build a reservoir of spiritual strength that will never run dry.”

– Spencer W. Kimball

Today I wanted to talk about something that is very near and dear to my heart. Last week we discussed parenting and the important role they play in their children’s lives and I was overcome with emotion as I thought about my parents and what a great job they’ve done at being parents. I have 3 siblings and I by no means imagine that we were easy to raise. I think each one of my siblings and I have made it difficult on our parents at some point and in some way or another we have done something that has stressed them out. However I am humbled to think about the patience they have shown with us as we have gone through our teenage years and grown into adults. I know it wasn’t easy but I am grateful to think that I have had their example so that I can raise my own children in a similar manner someday.

I have two quotes at the top that I think are important for all of us to remember. I was reading through some old talks by some of the General Authorities and I realized that there is a similar thing when it comes to great parents. All great parents have an unwavering love for their children. As I pondered just how powerful that unwavering love was I realized just how difficult that can be sometimes. Like I mentioned above I don’t think raising my siblings and I was exactly easy. I think most parents will come to a general consensus that being a parent is extremely hard. However as I have gotten older I have realized the sacrifice my parents gave so my siblings and I could be raised in a great and loving home. I have very fond memories of my time at home and when I left home for the first time, it was difficult because of the great relationship that I had developed with my family.

I think we live in a society today that really undervalues the family in general. It seems like every where I look there is something that is trying to tear down and destroy this unit that has been provided by our Heavenly Father for our happiness. It makes me sad to think that not all families are as close as mine because I don’t know what I would do without those relationships in my life. When parents raise their children with love and with good core values it allows the children to grow up and want to have that with their future families as well. I think it turns into a cycle and that cycle can either be a great one or it can be a nasty one. If we allow our families to be raised in such a manner that our children grow up and do the same for their kids someday then I think we can say we are in a successful family cycle.

It takes a lot of effort but I know that if we do this and follow the example of great parents around the world that our kids will raise their kids in a similar manner. That itself is the world that I want to live in.