Slide Design – Nike, Witness Greatness Campaign


Hey Everyone! I am back again with another project with my Visual Design class. The past couple of weeks we have been using all of the programs we have learned over the semester into what seems like a Final Project. For two weeks we recreated one of our favorite advertisements that we had seen and the past two weeks we have been designing a slide show to show off what we have learned.

Slide Show

Overall Design

While creating this ad I wanted it to resemble the original one with LeBron James. The reason I was drawn to this ad was because of the simplicity and I think that is something that I have always loved about Nike. They never overdo it with their ads and it always shows the athletes rising to greatness. Another reason I loved this ad was because of the faded look they give their athletes. In one sentence you know that you are seeing history and that one day we are going to talk about the athlete as one of the all time greats. While creating mine I wanted to show a similar thing with Gordon Hayward. Every season he has become a better player and I feel like the mantra “We Are All Witnesses” was very fitting.

Images Used


In closing I feel like these programs are great and have many different uses. Being able to use them to create my own ad for a school project and having it be of one of my favorite players in the NBA was very rewarding and I enjoyed it very much. I hope that I was able to embody the same message Nike was trying to convey to their consumers.

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These images were simply used for a school project and all of the rights belong to their respected owners. Thanks!